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What if a woman’s spirit stays in a man’s body and makes him behave gay ?

What if a woman’s spirit stays in a man’s body and makes him behave gay ?

The man clearly knows what’s happening but he is not at all able to help it when that feeling of aggression comes into his mind ?

I once was so loving and loved by all, I had no enemies

I was afraid of going to hell when I overdosed on sleeping pills because I could not sleep anymore and my mind was so wigged out. I was saying please God forgive me for my sins and I was wearing a rosery with a christian show on the tv. I once had it all. Now I have nothing and will live in this pain and torture for eternity for my body will never die, I will never rest in peace. I am living in hell without my soul so in reality I did go to hell when I tried to take my life. It’s killing my husband and affecting my kids. There is no place in the world for someone like me that was once human.

I pray every day for a miracle. I was fun loving and loved life. So why the worst thing to ever happen to a human happen? Was it just my sins? Or was it me as a person? Everyone sins and God forgives but he didn’t forgive me by allowing satan to take my soul. I had fallen in this trap and was sucked in. I had no power of my own to stop it. Months before it happened I felt myself fading and my body weakening but had no idea such a thing as this could ever happen. To everyone who reads this know that anything is possible and this is true.

He save me and I will always love him

Please pray for me and my family for my soul to come back. I need a miracle. I ask God everyday for forgive me and if he can find my soul and put it back into me. Where did my soul go? Or did it just vanish into the air? This is the craziest and most inhumane thing to ever happen to a once human person. I don’t look, think or act human anymore. I never leave my house. Lord, God please help me, restore my soul back to me. Bring me back to life and take me out of hell. Please forgive me for everything. I feel like death and my body does not function like a human being without my soul and yet I will live like this forever.

It scares me to think what I will look and feel like when I am 100 or even 200. God, please bring my soul back to me. Please make a miracle happen for you have the power to do anything. I always had faith and believed in you. God please help me.

you don’t know me, I am an only child, mother of 2 who love me so much even though I messed up horribly. my husband, my parents, friends and family and those who didn’t know me that well loved me..please pray that my soul will return to me..I have changed and know how to appreciate life now that my soul has gone..I need a miracle and for God to forgive me and to somehow bring my soul back to me..I am more aware than I have ever been..please pray for me..Thank you for all who read this and pray for me.

We all face obstacles in life. Its a battle for our souls. You have to stand up and fight for your life. Seek GOD cast your cares upon him he will set you free and give you peace that no human or this world can give you. It might how to see who likes you on caribbeancupid without paying not happen instantly but keep believing just trust in him and you will see. He knows what your going through. If though you might seem your alone your not. He is there. Give him Glory and honor for he is worthy to be praise. He loves us. He did not die for nothing. You have to fight and not give up do not let satan destroy you he is a liar. He robs, steals and destroys. Walk with God at all times. Im a living testimony of what God can do. Give him a try he will not fail you. I hope this words will help and inspire stay blessed and run to jesus his the only one that can set you free

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