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Our Streamlined Curriculum

Royal College offers subjects / learning areas in the three major streams – Natural Sciences, Commercial Sciences and Humanities which are based on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) curriculum prescribed by the Department of Basic Education

Learners in Grade 10 may choose any subject stream they prefer. However, learners may be advised to choose alternative streams basing on strength and competence in certain subjects, e.g. physical Sciences, Mathematics, Geography and accounting. In this regard Proof of grade level (previous school report) will be required. Learners may be continuously assessed to determine the grade level and subject stream to follow. See Each Grade For More Information.


Computer studies are offered to all learners who undertake Computer Application Technology (CAT). Computer textbooks are the responsibility of the parents. Learners are required to buy computer text books. Please obtain text books list from school. We believe that every child should be able to operate a computer.

High School Education

Senior Phase

Education from Grade 7 - 9. Royal College offers education at senior phase from Grade 8-9

FET Phase

Spans Grades 10 through 12. Our core learning team boosts of its high pass rate

Matric Re-write

A Special team of student who are upgrading of re-writing some subjects

At Royal College

College Education

Microsoft Office Specialist

College Course for those who need to expertise in MS Office Products

Computer Programming

We offer programming at National and International Levels. JAVA, C#, C++, Web Development (PHP, HTML, Java Script).

Secretarial / Personal Assistant

We offer Secretarial Courses and office Administration packaged with Typing Lessons, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.