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I was fortunate enough to win an Agility mattress in a sweepstakes recently

I was fortunate enough to win an Agility mattress in a sweepstakes recently

I ordered the twin bed for my 3 year old and he has said more than once “Mama, I love my new bed!

The mattress on our bed was very old and tired, so I was very excited. I was also skeptical about getting a rolled up mattress in a box. It arrived very quickly after being notified. My husband and I hauled the box into the bedroom , and we leaned our old mattress up against the bedroom wall – just in case we wanted it back on the bed! It was very easy to set up – took no time at all. That night I slept through the night for the first time in months. I’m not a good sleeper, and am usually up several times during the night. Since sleeping on the Agility I have been able to go back to sleep if I wake up without a lot of wrestling around. My 10 year old dog, who hasn’t slept with us for a few years, has now taken up residence in the middle of the bed each night, and is still there when we wake up in the morning. I guess Agility needs to look into making dog beds next! We will be taking our old mattress to the dump this weekend, and are definitely enjoying our new Agility mattress! Thank you!!

” He often refers to his bed as “cozy comfy” – and believe me, it is. Before we received our Agility mattress, my son was on a week-long nap strike. After we setup his new bed, he started napping again with no issues – and not wanting to wake up! He also falls asleep faster at night with his new bed. Just shows how important a good mattress is for all of us. Now I want one for my Master!

However, once we set-up her new Agility mattress and let it expand, a supremely comfortable mattress came to life! And once I slept on the mattress myself, I knew I’d made the right choice. It’s super comfortable!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Agility truly delivered. The mattress is excellent, and I am very satisfied with how comfortable it is. I’m a back sleeper, and it has been great.

I was a little concerned about buying my daughter a mattress online

The employees were very pushy and one told us we couldn’t look at certain sets of mattresses. We ended up purchasing one from the store based on price, but we will not be coming back.

I had the worst experience here.. they order a bedroom set without my permission and when I went in to get my money back I was told by Paula that I would have to wait for an hour to let her boss get off a conference call.. I said I just want my money. Paula told me that she has to look out for herself and her job and I would have to wait.. Paula was extremely http://hookupdate.net/escort-index/pomona rude and had very poor customer service..

I can’t wait to get into bed each night. I nestle down into the mattress and go to sleep quickly. Thanks to Agility Bed.

The Agility bed was a huge upgrade from our old “memory foam” mattress. Previously, I thought I preferred a firmer mattress – so at first, the Agility bed felt almost too soft. But after a few months of great rest, I am super pleased by the balance of comfort and support – it’s just right (no additional mattress topper needed). As I am almost 6mos pregnant, I can also attest that it’s great for side-sleeping.

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