An educator with patience and a passion for learners as well as an administration officer responsible for people management, clientele management, general administration and its related functions and duties. First class design, analytical, negotiation and problem solving skills! Very good people skills, quite comfortable with figures, willing and able to learn!


“Sometimes the best gain is to lose! There comes a time when you realise that fighting to win a certain battle is no longer worthwhile!”


  1. Correspondence
  2. Accounts receivable
  3. Transcription
  4. Budgeting and reporting
  5. Performance measurement
  1. Clientelle Management
  2. Negotiation and Liaison
  3. Counselling
  4. Listening and speaking
  1. Windows
  2. Word
  3. Excel
  4. Power point
  1. Data handling & statistics
  2. Problem solving(all operations)
  3. Comfortable with figures


1992-1995 University Of Zimbabwe Bachelor Of Education Nov 1995
1991-1992 Hama High School Cambridge Advanced Level Nov 1992
1987-1990 Gokomere High School Cambridge Ordinary Level Nov 1990


  • Psychology Of Education
  • Philosophy Of Education
  • Sociology Of Education
  • History
  • Geography & Environmental Sciences

Projects Undertaken In Partial Fulfilment Of The Bachelor Of Education

  • Research Project On Motivation
  • Research Project On Land Degradation

Academic Achievements

  • Best Geography Student(highest marks) class of 1995.

Professional Courses Undertaken

  • CAPS Training – Qalabotjha High School, Johannesburg South D11. June 2013.
  • Geographical Information Systems Training-University Of Johannesburg-August 2015


  • Geography
  • History
  • Tourism
  • Consumer Studies
  • English FAL
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • English H/L
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Technology
  • Life Orientation
  • Mathematics
  • English H/L
  • Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Life Skills


Ø  November 2014 to Present Royal Kings College-Roodepoort H.O.D. Humanities(Geo,Hist,Tour,S.S. & L.O.) & Deputy Principal Administration


Ø  Curriculum Implementation and Coverage

Ø  School Assessment Team (SAT)Leader- Management and Supervision of assessment tasks and procedures between the school and the Department Of Basic Education(DBE).

Ø  Deputy Chief Invigilator Matric Examinations- Overseeing the administration of all examinations and inspection of all examination materials and venues/rooms to ensure strict adherence to DBE’s laid down regulations governing the conduct of examinations. Induction of new teachers/invigilators on examination guidelines. Collection of examination papers and submission thereof at the DBE.

Ø  Teacher-In-Charge(Class Teacher) of the 2015 &2016 & 2017 Matric Class- Welfare of the Matriculants. Organising study tours, study camps, weekend classes as well as holiday classes for the Matriculants in consultation with learners, other teachers, parents school management and DBE offices.

Ø  School Sports Organiser-Administration and liaison of all sporting activities in the school in consultation with other schools in the cluster/district.

Ø  Providing support to teachers in the department

Ø  Convening staff development meetings in the department

Ø  Lesson observations and book inspections

Ø  Teaching Geography, History and Tourism

Ø  Lesson preparation and delivery

Ø  Administration and Invigilation of Matric Examinations as well as the setting of such examinations and their marking

Ø  January-October 2014 Lilyvale School-Eston-KwaZulu-Natal Educator Intersen & Senior Phase

Ø  Teaching Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, English H/L and Mathematics-Grades 4-7

Ø  Guidance & Counselling

Ø  Motivational Speaking

Ø  Teaching Christian Values

Ø  Volleyball, Chess, Cross Country, Athletics, Public Speaking and Debate

Ø  Jan-Dec 2012-Dec 2013 Ø  Nationwide School Of Academic Excellence-Jeppestown-Johannesburg D11-Inner City Educator FET & Senior Phase

Ø  Teaching L.O., Tourism , History& Geography

Ø  Sports Organiser

Ø  Athletics Trainer

Ø  Volleyball Coach

Ø  Cross Country Trainer

Ø  January 2010 –Dec 2011 Ø  Sir Isaac Newton School-Johannesburg D11-Inner City Educator FET Phase

Ø  Teaching English FAL

Ø  Teaching Geography

Ø  Teaching History

Ø  Teaching L.O.

Ø  School Sports Master

Ø  May 2007 –October 2009 Ø  WATCOMBE Transport Services P/L-Zimbabwe Transport Operations Manager

Ø  Negotiation and assessment of new tenders

Ø  Formulation of cooperation agreements

Ø  Loss Control and Inventory

Ø  Banking and Invoicing

Ø  Records Keeping

Ø  January 1996-March 2007 Ø  Lancaster School-Zimbabwe H.O.D. Foundation Phase

Ø  Recruitment and staffing of all foundation classes

Ø  Assessment of performance through supervision of teachers ,lesson observations and book inspections

Ø  Ordering stationery and equipment for the department

Ø  Chess, Volleyball, Public Speaking & debate

Ø  Athletics, Soccer and Cross Country

Ø  Lesson preparation and delivery