Royal College is proud to provide an excellent education to all students irrespective of race, gender, religion, nationality and or culture in a safe environment so that each student has a foundation for not only high academic achievement but for pursuing personal and social growth.  Our goal is that all our students are prepared to join Universities, Colleges, other higher institutions of learning and the work force.

At Royal College we understand that we have a responsibility to meet the expectations of those parents who entrusted us with their children as well as the expectations of the Department of Education and the general public.


We pride ourselves in upholding high levels of integrity for our staff and students. We dedicate our lives to providing a strong foundation to learners to further their education in higher institutions of learning

We stress academic excellence for all types of students, whatever their abilities and encourage students to go beyond the classroom for long-term success and fulfilling adult lives.

Compassionate and well qualified teaching staffs are on standby to take care of your children educationally, morally, psychologically and give career. Bring your child to Royal College for childhood development in basic education with uncompromised quality.