Royal college was registered as a center for examinations in 2013. We have so far had successful examinations in 2014 and our records stand clean awaiting results for the matriculating students. We have also supported a number of learners to successfully upgrade their matric after not having obtained good scores the first time. Many of these candidates have as a result enrolled at top universities and are pursuing their further studies from the past years.


Life-long learners who:

  • Use reflection to evaluate academic progress and develop internal motivation to sustain continuous learning
  • Develop a sense of their gifts and talents and set educational goals to realize their potential
  • Make the connection between education and career possibilities

Academic achievers who:

  • Are well prepared to continue their education and pursue the post-secondary path of their choice
  • Enjoy success in school and are confident in their academic abilities
  • Produce quality work to their full potential
  • Use feedback to assess, monitor, and improve progress

Self-directed learners who:

  • Set and work towards specific learning goals
  • Are aware of learning strategies that work best for them
  • Ask for help when they need it
  • Develop self-advocacy skills and use them to succeed academically

We teach the way you learn

The typical classroom can gallop along way too fast for some students, and feel glacial to others. Royal College Schools, your teacher tailors instruction to the way you learn, moving at your pace instead of the average pace of those around you.

 Reaching Just Beyond Their Grasp

When students struggle, the easy path is to round corners and give them more attention and time so that all children are not unfairly short changed but given the support to achieve real learning goals. Royal College teachers are skilled at holding the bar just high enough for each student to feel the thrill of authentic academic achievement without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed along the way.




Royal College offers subjects / learning areas in the three major streams – Natural Sciences, Commercial Sciences and Humanities which are based on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) curriculum prescribed by the Department of Basic Education

Learners in Grade 10 may choose any subject stream they prefer. However, learners may be advised to choose alternative streams basing on strength and competence in certain subjects, e.g. physical Sciences, Mathematics, Geography and accounting. In this regard Proof of grade level (previous school report) will be required.  Learners may be continuously assessed to determine the grade level and subject stream to follow. See Each Grade For More Information.


Computer studies are offered to all learners who undertake Computer Application Technology (CAT). Computer textbooks are the responsibility of the parents. Learners are required to buy computer text books. Please obtain text books list from school. We believe that every child should be able to operate a computer.