To be the leading model learning institution in providing quality training, Knowledge and skills required for personal and national development aimed at producing individuals who are ready to protect their nation in all aspects.


”To provide quality basic education with possibilities geared at producing responsible citizens who will meaningfully contribute to the economic and social development of the Nation”.


Royal College will fulfill its mission by:

  • Producing quality education,knowledge and skills that meets the needs of all the learners.
  • Responding positively to client needs, requests, queries and complements.
  • Implementing high targets and standards for all aspects of the school’s performance.
  • Becoming a leading educational institution in South Africa in the field of information technology.


Royal College prides itself in providing an excellent education to all students irrespective of race, skin colour, gender or sex in a safe environment so that each student has a foundation for not only high academic achievement but for pursuing personal and social growth.  Our goal is that all our students are prepared to join Universities, Colleges, other higher institutions of learning and the work force.

At Royal College, we appreciate the importance of quality in delivery of service and embrace Educational principles, ethics, excellence and empowerment.

We stress academic excellence for all types of students, whatever their abilities and encourage students to go beyond the classroom for long-term success and fulfilling adult lives.

Royal College teachers are skilled at holding the bar just high enough for each student to feel the thrill of authentic academic achievement without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed along the way.